Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scratch Lotto Inquiry

Nobody notices the scratch lotto tickets at gas stations enough; i just became interested in it, because the people who play scratch lotto might actually be smart, Calluzzo Smart; I bet Angela Martino already knows the answer;

the math behind Lottery is simple, if enough people play, the jackpot is big enough to hand out millions of dollars a week, causing more people to want to play, increasing the funds available per draw exponentially, and for the company that runs the lottery to make profits accordingly;

scratch lotto is the same thing, only instead of one huge jackpot, they break up the jackpot into many smaller prize winning tickets in varying sums; If enough people play, the company has more cash to give out, more winning tickets, and more people playing; 

here is the question: do players win? Or, what conditions would have to hold for players who buy one $1 lotto ticket every day to earn more money than they have spent monthly, annually? if you buy one ticket everyday, does it take less than 20 days to win $20? not too difficult, would depend on how many other people play that scratch ticket, how often, how well the lotto company is doing, how greedy/stupid they are, etc; 

seems like a good way to control your alcoholism, only buy a case of Budweiser if you win a $25 scratch lotto ticket? but instead of calculating possible world conditions, i am going to buy one $1 scratch lotto ticket, the same kind, everyday for a month and record the results on this blog, should be exciting, should be fun, educational, getting in on lotto action, figuring out which company is getting it right;  you didn't notice how well that stuff is moving over the counter, because it's "the world i know" stuff and you are on some other boring trip, PIG!

More interesting: Do loyal player's win? Do they steal money from people who only play once in a while? yeah, i bet they could, because the odds of winning could vary per month if the prize pot varies per month, and the number and type of winning tickets per month varies similarly, according to the prize pot; reward loyalty by exploiting laziness..resist greed and start a successful company that uses better math; You'd need data;   

sit tight, all starts new years day, 2016;